In Times of Covid19

COVID-19 Update and some HAPPY NEWS!

We’ve had many questions regarding treatment options during the pandemic of Covid-19. As of the writing of this 3/21/20, we will not be seeing patients at least until 4/1/20. To help family, I did a road trip that put me at a higher risk for exposure. As a result I am behaving as if I am infected and quarantining to see if I develop anything.

Moving forward, depending on future developments, we will be offering sessions that we can adhere to the recommended precautions. Meaning, working on tweaking home exercise programs, functional movement exams, etc.

We can also offer ‘virtual sessions’. Via any number of web platforms, often we can work through your history, even perform some initial tests with functional strength and movement assessments and start on a gentle program! If this is of interest to you please feel free to email any time!

Finally, onto the HAPPY NEWS!

In my first life, I spent many years in the veterinary industry as a technician. Realizing I missed working with animals, I’ve decided to pursue my certification through Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) for Canine (dog) rehab. I am currently taking a few pro-bono cases for practice. If you have a dog that might benefit from rehabilitation services, please reach out. Good candidates would be: working dogs needing to stay sharp, sport dogs needing rehab while events are being canceled, post-operative recovery, or aging animals that may benefit from non-medication pain relief. Because dogs pose no threat, I am able to see animals now! What a better time for your fur-kid!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who has supported this small business. Like many others I am wondering what things will look like after Covid-19 passes. While that is uncertain, what I know for sure is that I love living and working in this community. It has been heart warming to see how people are reaching out to help others. Keep it up! Keep safe!