Telehealth is LIVE!

I just had to share!

I know that I have been feeling a bit lost without being able to work in the same way – meaning seeing people in PT and helping to get them back to things that make them happy!

So I wanted to share: Our first Telehealth visits are in the books! I am investing in extensive education to make sure this works well for you! Let’s collaborate to make sure you come out of social distancing ready to take on the trails, wind, road, garden, or just work from home with less pain!

With all the changes in our world are you feeling a hole in your routine? Let’s help you use your time at home to integrate easy to perform exercises.
Have you been avoiding PT because touch hurts? Telehealth is a great way to start on a healing journey.
Why not use these changing times to change how you help yourself? We can work around nap time, meal time, work time – we have more flexibility than ever!

And again: You may wonder what can be accomplished ‘virtually’ in physical therapy! Well, quite frankly, a lot. You all know how important I think a full and thorough history is! There are also many function movement and strength assessments that can be easily completed through a video conference. With these pieces of the puzzle in place we can work together to establish a safe movement routine while we are waiting for the go ahead to meet in person. Even better…I get to see you in YOUR environment. You know that home office we’ve never fully addressed? Or how I always ask if you have some piece of equipment? Well now we can tailor your rehab even more to your environment and your needs?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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