Changes in the New Year for Thrive!


We just passed the one-year milestone of the first diagnosed case of Covid-19 in the U.S. and I again hope this finds you well.

As the pandemic has rolled on, we’ve all continued to ‘pivot’ with changing news, recommendations, and the vaccine rollout. I can tell you I feel a bit dizzy at times with all the changes in direction!

The balancing act of our daily lives remains; however, a smoother rhythm has emerged. Let me update you on my availability and new services for your extended family:

First, for care availability – I am seeing more clients again for both in-person and telehealth visits with more emphasis on pelvic health. Covid-19 protocols will remain in place with masks required, hand sanitizing, and longer downtime between appointments. I have also been fortunate enough to receive my first dose of the Moderna vaccine and I am projected to have my second dose in early February.

I know I am not alone in putting off medical appointments during this time. Please know that I will continue to be as safe as possible and we can work together to find a visit solution that works best for you.

Some of you may know that I spent a lot of my formative years working in veterinary clinics. The love of working with animals has never faded! I will finish the didactic portion for my Canine Rehabilitation Certification in February and am now seeing canine clients for rehabilitation. Canine rehabilitation is essentially physical therapy for dogs, and I am providing treatment for all needs, ages, and conditions, including pre- and post-surgery. If you are interested in more information about this aspect of my work, check it out at:

The turning of a new calendar page always seems like a good time to start a healthy habit! In honor of the new year, I’m offering a 10% discount for a 6-session package with a start date before 2/28/2021.

Take good care of yourselves, and if you can, someone else.

Dana Reid, DPT, CCRT (in process)

Update to Patient Hours

I hope this post finds you well and finding some peace in this crazy time.

I am posting with some updates about availability for physical therapy. Covid-19 has changed so much, which is not in itself news, however due to the changes it has become difficult for me to keep all the plates spinning. As a result I will be temporarily be suspending new patient evaluations. Additionally, the number of appointment times available each week for ongoing patients will be reduced. If you are interested in scheduling, please feel free to email me at

This will be a temporary change in schedule. I look forward in the future to returning to helping people return to their active lives.

In order to help you get the care you need, I am happy to help direct you to one of our other amazing providers in the area.

Thank you for understanding.


Dana DPT

Telehealth is LIVE!

I just had to share!

I know that I have been feeling a bit lost without being able to work in the same way – meaning seeing people in PT and helping to get them back to things that make them happy!

So I wanted to share: Our first Telehealth visits are in the books! I am investing in extensive education to make sure this works well for you! Let’s collaborate to make sure you come out of social distancing ready to take on the trails, wind, road, garden, or just work from home with less pain!

With all the changes in our world are you feeling a hole in your routine? Let’s help you use your time at home to integrate easy to perform exercises.
Have you been avoiding PT because touch hurts? Telehealth is a great way to start on a healing journey.
Why not use these changing times to change how you help yourself? We can work around nap time, meal time, work time – we have more flexibility than ever!

And again: You may wonder what can be accomplished ‘virtually’ in physical therapy! Well, quite frankly, a lot. You all know how important I think a full and thorough history is! There are also many function movement and strength assessments that can be easily completed through a video conference. With these pieces of the puzzle in place we can work together to establish a safe movement routine while we are waiting for the go ahead to meet in person. Even better…I get to see you in YOUR environment. You know that home office we’ve never fully addressed? Or how I always ask if you have some piece of equipment? Well now we can tailor your rehab even more to your environment and your needs?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Feel free to book directly: By hitting BOOK TODAY on the sidebar or email me at:


P.S. feel free to share this news with someone you think might find it valuable!

A note of Thanks and Telemedicine offering!

I want to write and say thank you for being part of my Physical Therapy family. There seems to be no better time to stop and reflect on the last few years and look forward to the coming years.

Whether we’ve worked together one time or continue to work together I want to let you know that you’ve made an impact in my life. I am endlessly grateful for all the people that have come through my doors and I hope that we can continue to work together in the future. I also look forward to helping more people in the coming months, not just live, but Thrive!

With the recent events and news surrounding the novel corona virus – Covid-19 – many of us are left working at home, out of work, or working to balance the needs of family, community, and self! It is exceedingly easy to get lost in the news, refreshing social media, or wrapped up into concern. Even those who do not get sick may experience increased stress and anxiety at times.

Thankfully, in this time of ever increasing technology, we have many options to help get social connection, check on our neighbors, friends and family as well as seek wellness services. Many of my health care colleagues have moved to virtual offerings to continue to help their clients.

I have been pondering how to proceed through this time. While I believe the true physical therapy emergency might be a unicorn, changes in our daily routines can increase existing persistent pain or bring on new areas of discomfort. Research regarding pain and the brain indicate a high correlation between stress and increased pain. And with more time on our hands (hopefully washed for 20 seconds and between the fingers!) many of us are out doing more physical labor which can increase pain.

The benefit of all of our routines being changed up is that we have the opportunity to make new and potentially healthier routines in their place. To this aim I will be changing up my practice and offering telemedicine visits only until further notice. Visits can be 30-60 minutes in length. You may wonder what can be accomplished ‘virtually’ in physical therapy! Well, quite frankly, a lot. You all know how important I think a full and thorough history is! There are also many function movement and strength assessments that can be easily completed through a video conference. With these pieces of the puzzle in place we can work together to establish a safe movement routine while we are waiting for the go ahead to meet in person.

If you think that you, or someone you know, may benefit from a telemedicine visit please feel free to book directly with the “Book Now” button on the right hand side or email me at: I will also still be offering free discovery visits.

While certainly not the way any of us would like to be handed the gift of time, it is a gift nonetheless. My hope for all of us, is that we are able to use at least some of this time to improve our overall health and wellness.

Be well and take good care.


Dana Reid, DPT

In Times of Covid19

COVID-19 Update and some HAPPY NEWS!

We’ve had many questions regarding treatment options during the pandemic of Covid-19. As of the writing of this 3/21/20, we will not be seeing patients at least until 4/1/20. To help family, I did a road trip that put me at a higher risk for exposure. As a result I am behaving as if I am infected and quarantining to see if I develop anything.

Moving forward, depending on future developments, we will be offering sessions that we can adhere to the recommended precautions. Meaning, working on tweaking home exercise programs, functional movement exams, etc.

We can also offer ‘virtual sessions’. Via any number of web platforms, often we can work through your history, even perform some initial tests with functional strength and movement assessments and start on a gentle program! If this is of interest to you please feel free to email any time!

Finally, onto the HAPPY NEWS!

In my first life, I spent many years in the veterinary industry as a technician. Realizing I missed working with animals, I’ve decided to pursue my certification through Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) for Canine (dog) rehab. I am currently taking a few pro-bono cases for practice. If you have a dog that might benefit from rehabilitation services, please reach out. Good candidates would be: working dogs needing to stay sharp, sport dogs needing rehab while events are being canceled, post-operative recovery, or aging animals that may benefit from non-medication pain relief. Because dogs pose no threat, I am able to see animals now! What a better time for your fur-kid!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who has supported this small business. Like many others I am wondering what things will look like after Covid-19 passes. While that is uncertain, what I know for sure is that I love living and working in this community. It has been heart warming to see how people are reaching out to help others. Keep it up! Keep safe!